Words.Tangible, 2020

Acrylic on 8 pvc sheets overlapped

170x100 cm


The works exhibited in his latest exhibition “Words. Tangible” focus on famous speeches given by global thought-leaders, innovators, and social game-changers. Vincenzo Montefusco searches for the power of their words by tracing their gaze, lip movement, and gesture, and analyzing their actio oratoria artistically. Imagined as a spatial installation, the exhibition presents 8 transparent sheets hung from a ceiling, organized in an interactive cube-like formation, while the video recording the artistic process will be shown in the background.

We will recognize Greta Thunberg, Gloria Steinem, Malala Yousafzai, Obama, Mohammad Ali, or Steve Jobs in the selected video projections, but our challenge will be to connect them to the visceral mark left behind by their words and recorded by Vincenzo Montefusco. He uses line as his chosen expressive device, delineating his works as conceptual drawings. In his effort to reveal the invisible truth hidden behind these actions, Vincenzo Montefusco materializes the movements by giving them a physical quality, a presence, and therefore, a significance.

Providing such a long-lasting trait to what is intrinsically ephemeral, the artist creates more than a mark - he devises a document, a memento of the original subject’s intention, rather than an aesthetic representation.


Ana Bambic Kostov, September 2020