5 Hours Drawing Parallel Lines Instead Of 5 Hours Thinking About The Mistake I’ve Just Made, 2020

Ink on paper

180x150 cm


Waste of Time



How do we see time? What is time well spent or time wasted? Is there a way to materialize time and analyze its value? The notion of time, its relativization, and valorization stand at the focus of the latest series of works made by artist Vincenzo Montefusco.

His actions are planned, executed over a precisely decided, symbolic period, and conducted through specific geometrical motions repeated thousands of times. By juxtaposing art creation to sitting all day in an office, reading Milan Kundera, or staring mindlessly at a screen, the artist relativizes our inherent ideas of temporality.


The observer is left wondering which is a bigger waste of time - a seemingly pointless, but intentional mark-making action, or a conventional, unwanted, yet compulsory activity imposed by the society. We are invited to revise our living choices and to contemplate the broader discourse of contemporary lifestyle, while processing the fact that time has an individual, tangible value that may come in any form.


Ana Bambic Kostov, February 2021