The Mission, 2020

Acrylic on pvc sheet

150x100 cm


In-Visible Traces



Inspired by the software’s idea to “record”, “track” and “visualize” the activities of humans, Vincenzo Montefusco entered the world of art with a visceral approach, putting back the humane component into the motion analysis.

His fascination with the invisible traces people leaves behind compelled him to develop a method for their portrayal by concentrating on that which leaves the mark. “I am fascinated not by what I can see, but by what I cannot,” says the artist, explaining his creative impulse.


His work explores human movement by retracing it, leaning on foundations set by action painting and abstractionists’ mark-making techniques. Inherently tied to his creative process, Vincenzo Montefusco created a particular gestural language putting himself in the role of a conductor, while the original mark-makers are his subjects.

His tracing action happens in a dark room, where he places a transparent PVC sheet over a wall video projection and traces the most prominent gesticulative elements of the film - the movement of the mouth, the hand gestures, or the gaze.


Ana Bambic Kostov, October 2020