The Energy I Need


Transparent labels on cans, wood shelves

mm 1200x900x150

in 47x36x6






The work consists of thirty RedBull cans displayed on white shelves, each one with a label indicating the correspondent human activity the energy drink is meant to support, such as, “The amount of energy required to wait”, “... to plan not to make plans”, “ hate someone”, “... to be surprised again”, “... to take it less seriously”, “ honestly judge myself”.

The artwork focuses on activities and behaviors we daily face in our life, in particular situations we need to bear passively or without being directly in control of events. We often underestimate the amount of energy we should dedicate to them, especially if compared to the mental and physical energy we instead dedicate to meaningless practical actions in our daily routine.

The work, making use of a universally recognized pop product for mental and physical stimulation, imagines the recipe for the ideal special drinks which scientifically, and ironically, would solve the issue.