A Day Always Rolls For The First Time


Dice, mirror, wood plate, wood structure

mm 1000x1000x800

in 39x39x32






The work consists of a series of twenty-five dice, each one rolled over a rounded mirror, labeled with a day of the week. 

The dice, an object that generates random numbers and whose intrinsic feature is to roll always as the first time, not ‘remembering’ the previous results, is used as a metaphor to reflect over the human freedom of acting. 

A new day can be conceived as a container of totally new experiences, a mix of causal external events and conscious behaviors, completely detached from our past and our Habits, written with the capital H, as Proust defines the cage we build around ourself repeating day after day almost the same pattern of decisions which, in the long run, prevents us from exploring the unexpected and experiment freedom.